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IN ACCOUNTING, FINANCE, BANKING, RETAIL, HEALTHCARE, ENGINEERING, SALES, LEGAL DATA STRATEGY, REAL ESTATE, NONPROFIT MARKETING, MANUFACTURING, ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT AND MORE….  Here are the 5 pieces to get the perfect match with CMC: TIME Great organizations have great people and it can be very difficult and time consuming to find the best fit. We take pride in our methods to identify the highest qualified candidates in the enormous pools of talent having over 500 applicants in most job posts.  Time is extremely valuable! LASER FOCUS 100 % focus to identify the finest talent. We put a team of exceptionally qualified individuals who give you our undivided attention. Our team ensures the best possible match in terms of experience, education skill set and culture. VAST NETWORK With over 35 plus years of executive search experience, our professional network is exponential… comprised of a database of the highest quality talent in all industries at all levels. EXPERIENCE Team with us for our 35 years of our expertise. Since 2010, we have placed over 970 candidates with our clients. FACE TO FACE IN A DIGITAL WORLD We have now transitioned to digital interactions through various communication platforms ensuring personal connections with every candidate. Our “high-touch” [...]

Reflection From A CMC Intern

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By Emily Fiesman Working at CMC Consultants with Jill and Sherri was one of the best college internship experiences I could have ever asked for. When I began working at CMC, I was an incoming college senior who knew very little about the recruiting industry. I feared my lack of experience would prove to be difficult; but Sherri, Jill, and the rest of the CMC staff instantly welcomed me and nurtured me professionally. The team included me in everything they worked on from start to finish. They guided me with every single aspect of recruiting, from identifying talent to conducting interviews in a wide variety of industries. They approach every task with positivity and excitement that continuously inspires me. I am beyond grateful to have learned from such a kind, intelligent and successful group of individuals. In one of the most challenging years with unfortunate circumstances, CMC never stopped pushing forward. Sherri and Jill worked tirelessly to not only continue to provide excellent service to their clients, but still focused on my development as a recruiter. Their guidance during an unprecedented time was so special, especially when they had much bigger things on their plate. CMC Consultants is so passionate [...]

For Better Or Worse…Two Friends Survive and Thrive in Friendship, Business And The Pandemic

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Welcome to CMC's Corner At CMC Consultants, we are continuously finding new opportunities to engage in this digital world to create and maintain relationships in the industry of recruitment. We hope that you will check in regularly for our fun posts on life, career advice, and more. For our first blog post, we want to focus on our wonderful CEOs, Jill Tobias and Sherri Nemirow, who have made CMC what we are today. Jill and Sherri have shown how two friends can have an exceptional business. Here is a snapshot of their experience and values of CMC: Interested in working with Jill & Sherri for staffing & recruiting at CMC Consultants? Feel free to reach out to us at!