Recruiting: Then & Now

2022-03-30T16:24:50+00:00 March 30th, 2022|

In honor of Women’s History Month and our amazing CMC Team, we wanted to recognize some fun facts about recruitment. Once upon a time … 



  • When Jill and Sherri began they would spend hours taking 75 phone calls per day in order to fill a position in a week’s time. Resumes and cover letters would be sent by snail mail! 
  • The CMC Team recalls that “they had to sit 2ft away from the phone because it was attached to a cord.”

  • And now with the vast advancements in the technology world, the CMC Team has had to adjust accordingly to the recruiting industry. 
  • Phone calls, interviews, meetings, and so on have all been shifted online. Through this Jill and Sherri have stayed up to date on the latest recruiting trends and have been able to adapt to the virtual hiring world! 

Thank you to Jill and Sherri for their hard work and for making the recruiting process their own through determination, compassion, and their belief in “high-touch recruiting in a digital world!”