Research and Development Chemist

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Research and Development Chemist
Near Northern Suburbs

Our client, a leading marketer of specialty OTC pharmaceuticals, is looking for a Research and Development Chemist to work in conjunction with the R&D Assistant Manager of the research and development of new products.

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Follows up on product design, reviews formulations, and assesses the efficacy, safety and stability of the products
  • Along with other R &D staff will create product development ideas in collaboration with other departments. (Marketing and Manufacturing)
  • Assist in the assessment and support for start-up products, improve and reduce costs of the products, and respond to complaints of products in collaboration with Manufacturing and Quality Control Department
  • Contact raw materials producers, external analytics labs, OEM and various consultants to collect information
  • Conduct simple maintenance checks of laboratory instruments and devices
  • Purchase necessary equipment
  • Must be familiar with laboratory instruments (balances, beakers, spatula, stirrer, water bathe etc.,)
  • Must use multiple analytical devices such as pH meter, viscometer, hydrometer, thermostat bath, HPLC, GC, etc

Required Knowledge and Skills:

  • B.S. required in Chemistry, Science, Physics, Biology, Pharmacy, or Medical Science
  • Experience and skill with cream/gel formulation in cosmetic and/or external drugs
  • Experience in use of laboratory instruments and analytical devices
  • Must have excellent computer skills

The ideal candidate will be a resourceful, analytical with new product development experience. Come join a leader and enjoy excellent compensation and benefits.

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