Our Approach

A customized process of recruiting and interviewing.

When we become your business partner, it is our goal to be an extension of your staff and take responsibility for every phase of the hiring process.

Our thorough and highly personalized recruiting and interviewing services can complement your internal staff or serve independently as a full-service human resources department…on-boarding, negotiation, candidate integration.

Needs Analysis
For CMC, the process begins by listening to our client, coming to your location to observe, and gaining a personal impression of your business environment, history, and objectives. We meet team members and perform a Needs Analysis Interview to gain a well-rounded understanding of proficiency and compatibility needs. We ask questions that illuminate and define the qualifications required of a prospective candidate—questions that reveal the unique characteristics of your corporate culture.

Talent Research
CMC’s research department develops a search strategy that targets top talent that is specific to your position. Each search begins by putting together a personalized job description and effective recruitment advertising to attract new candidates. We become well-versed in your industry; paying special attention to competitors and the marketplace to guide our search. Additionally, through the use of social media tools, referrals, our extensive candidate database, professional affiliations, and creative networking, we build a (large pool) of prospective candidates.


Candidate Assessment
Through in-depth, in-person behavioral interviews, we identify multi-talented people with a capacity to meet challenging assignments and with a desire to grow within a company—people who demonstrate an interest in maintaining competitive job skills and adapting to changes in the market. In addition, we provide each candidate with a knowledgeable and compelling presentation of your unique qualities as an employer. Our familiarity with your company allows us to identify those specific candidates with the comprehensive skill set and personality to become a long lasting team member. We also provide references, degree verifications, and, where appropriate, testing during the presentation process to further demonstrate to you he candidate’s capability.

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